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Cosmetic Botox

Common Questions about Botox injections

Is there pain after Botox?
Most patients do not report feeling pain after undergoing Botox. The
injections provider injects Cosmetic Botox into the muscles located
underneath the skin. Patients often cannot feel the injection, or they
compare it to a minor insect bite. The doctor will be careful to target
specific muscle groups so that only the necessary muscles receive

Will there be bruising and swelling?
Some small red dots may be visible on the skin after treatment, as well as
some minor bruising. However, both the red dots and bruising from Botox
this will fade after a few hours. It is important that you follow your clinic’s
instructions for Botox after-care to help ensure that you achieve optimal
results. Some patients find it helps to apply a lightweight cold compress to
the treated area for a few minutes after the procedure. The appearance of
any bruising or swelling can also be minimized with the help of makeup.

After Injections Tips:

  • Wait 24 hours before taking part in any strenuous activity.
  • Avoid lying down face first for four to five hours following the treatment
  • No massaging the treated area.
  • It takes up to 1 full week for the Botox injection to block the movement.
  • Please allow a full 7 days after the injection to come in for any touch ups that are needed.